Empty your Google Drive trash files.
Eliminate all files in your Google Drive trash folder by clicking the button below. This will allow you to reclaim storage space by emptying your trash, and to delete forever files that you need to destroy for privacy reasons. Note: after you use this option, please allow 5 to 10 minutes for these changes to show in the Google Drive website.
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Trash your temp Word files

Word creates files with strange names like ~WRL1199.tmp or ~$etingSummary.docx. These files are unnecessary and sometimes get copied into your Google Drive, and then synced to your other devices. You can remove those files from your Google Drive in a few clicks. Once your G-Drive gets synced with your other devices, they will get cleaned too. Try it now!

Trash MS Word Unnecessary Files Now »

Clean junk files from your G-Drive now!

Clean several types of junk files from your G-Drive in a few clicks, for free. This option targets .log, .tmp, .chk, .wbk, .dmp and .crdownload files. Try it now!

Trash Junk Files Now »

Clean your interrupted downloads now!

When you download files with Google Chrome and the download is interrupted, you end up with some big, useless files in your hard drive with the .crdownload extension. These files get copied into your Google Drive and synced to your other devices. You can now remove them in a few clicks. Try it now!

Trash .CRDOWNLOAD Unnecessary Files Now »

Save space by trashing huge files

Find the 30 files that are taking the most space in your G-Drive. We'll show you a TreeMap to visually identify the biggest files.

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See a summary of your Google Drive usage

Find out your total storage capacity and how much you have left.

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